Help Me Donate Professional Attire For Women in Shelters

Saturday, March 21, 2014 | Los Angeles, CA – I am very grateful and blessed to have had so many female professional friends and colleagues throughout the city respond to my last minute call for an event I participated in this weekend.

My Facebook post went something like this:

FB Post 1

The thought occurred because often times when people speak to women in these situations about professional development, they often forget that the biggest, most urgent hurdle is not necessarily how to apply for a job, but how they are going to afford professional attire to be taken seriously at their interview. It’s an unfortunate, but real issue many people take for granted.

So instantaneously, over the course of 48+ hours, friends from all over the city replied with excitement to make generous donations. I then drove around town to pick up their professional clothes for the women I would be speaking to–the best type of overwhelming but beautiful feeling, to say the least.

In fact, as a result, this was my thank you post:

FB Post 2

Due to the vulnerable populations I often work with, I realize that I cannot always have my friends and colleagues physically join me for obvious reasons. In lieu of their presence, I thought this would be a wonderful alternative, and indeed it was. So to everyone out there, thank you again for the love and support! I will definitely be volunteering at this center and other local ones in the very near future, so please do keep the donations rolling in whenever you want to be inspired to clear out your closets for a good cause.

Onward! xo

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