Summer in the South of France

July – August 2013 | France – I had the privilege to spend a few weeks this summer researching, writing, and networking in the southern part of France, as well as, visiting friends and loved ones. It gave me the much needed mental, physical, and spiritual aerobics to replenish and rejuvenate a busy and jam-packed 2013 thus far.

Why France?

My current research for my book manuscript, Who’s Your Daddy: An International Study on Multiracial Children Orphaned By Deployed Military Personnel, examines the impact of military presence in other countries, specifically on the lives of the multiracial/mixed race children “left behind’. When I first began to embark on this research journey, I thought about specifically focusing on U.S. military occupation in foreign lands. However, my research has since led me to also incorporating other military powers, specifically those in the UK, France, and Germany.

For example, prior to the U.S. entering Vietnam for the Vietnam War / American War (depending on whose perspective we speak from), the French occupied the area. In other words, multiracial children of local women and military personnel placed in orphanages during the Vietnam era, have an entire history and voice that straddles multiple regions, multiple nationalities, and multiple experiences.

My hope is to return back to the archives in France, and subsequently, the neighboring countries to unravel an ‘unspoken-spoken’ history that continues to impact these children (and adults) today. Stay tuned…

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