Norman Rockwell Museum Panel and Exhibition

July 23, 2022 | Stockbridge, MA – We had a wonderful panel discussion in front of a packed audience hosted by the Norman Rockwell Museum. The panel coincided with the exhibition we coordinated, “In Our Lifetime: Paintings of the Pandemic by Kadir Nelson”, a concurrent exhibition with “Imprinted: Illustrations on Race” at the museum.

We invited our good friend Cinque Henderson to join us, and it was graciously moderated by a Rockwell staff member. The topic thread of the evening was about “finding beauty” and what this means in the context of conversations and images complicated by racial history here and abroad. The questions and conversation from and with the Stockbridge and visitor community were poignant and the response was just the right tone, at just the right time, when we all needed to have them most as a collective post-pandemic.

If you find yourself in Stockbridge before October 31st, please visit the Museum and check out the exhibitions before they come down.

More recap and photos to come.

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