Sotheby’s Institute Presentation | “Placing Your Art”

July 13, 2022 | London, UK (Zoom) – This season, Sotheby’s Institute was offering a much-needed course entitled, “Art Business for Artists” created and led by a phenomenal UK based colleague and friend of mine, Leo Crane. I happily accepted his gracious invitation to serve as a guest speaker to present a session to his professionally diverse classroom regarding placing one’s art, with a focus on business from the artist’s perspective.

It was a pleasure to deliver the talk and engage in a lively Q&A afterwards. What stood out is that despite where one stood in relation to being an artist or representing one, is that often times artists do not always command their worth because of ambiguous or unknown information in the field of the arts more loosely. Hopefully my presentation was able to bring clarity to much of their questions and from what I gather, it may have given many of them the confidence to exercise calculated “risks” to benefit their art in the global market as they continue to ascend in their fields.

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