Bio & CV

JUNGMIWHA BULLOCK, PhD is a social, political, and behavioral scientist, author, educator, philanthropist, and renowned social justice advocate who has appeared on NPR, ABC, BBC, TIME Magazine, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and more. Growing up as a child in a multilingual household of two distinctly beautiful heritages—African American and Korean—has largely motivated her life’s passion and dedication to help transform how we engage in topics about diversity outreach, international communication, and educational equality. She is an expert in the social sciences and international education, and holds advanced degrees from the University of Southern California, New York University, and Pennsylvania State University. Over the years she has enjoyed the unique privilege of leading local and national organizations and working with diverse educational institutions and international cutting-edge children’s programming, higher education initiatives, racial/ethnic and gender rights campaigns, and much more. Most recently her quintilingual children’s book, Am I Half Giraffe?—the first children’s book written in five languages, one book, one heartfelt diverse story—came to life because she speaks multiple languages and loves to inspire children around the world. When she is not traveling off to her next adventure, she participates in long distance cycling and ultra-marathons, as she needs to be able to maintain her homemade ice cream habit, master gardening, raising puggles and rottweilers, and keeping up with her equally adventurous husband.

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