The phonetic pronunciation of my first name is quite simple. “Jung” like “jungle” | “mi” like “me” | “wha” like “wah” = Jungmiwha.


In Korean, “Jung” means rose or flower, and “miwha” means pretty or beautiful. Together it means “beautiful rose”.


My name originated from a fairytale my Korean grandmother created and used to tell my mother when she was a little girl. Korean names are usually two (2) syllables, but my mother decided to put all three (3) together to give me a unique name. One day, my mother and I will write the storybook in honor of my grandmother.


I am always grateful that my parents gave me a one of a kind first and last name that reflects pride in both of my heritages — African American and Korean.



My beautiful heritages are undoubtedly what inspired me to write and publish my first children’s book,

am i half giraffe? (2014)

It is the first quintilingual children’s book on the market written in 5 languages in one book — English, French, Spanish, Korean, and Afrikaans.

Illustrated by Christopher Matthews

Check It Out | www.amihalfgiraffe.com