Tour de Pier | Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Sunday, May 18, 2014 | Manhattan Beach, CA – I don’t know how I find this stuff, let alone, sign up for them :), but low and behold I’ll be cycling in place with my team at this year’s Tour de Pier fundraising event at the Manhattan Beach Pier. The theme of the event is Ride In Place. Move Charity Forward., bringing attention and awareness to pancreatic cancer and research.

Hundreds of bikes will be lined up along the Manhattan Beach Pier, and we’ll be cycling in place for 4 hours. Each team, composed of 1 to 4 people, will ride in timed increments nonstop, as we raise attention on one of the world’s most silent killers.

This year’s JSBA Dream Team includes myself, Joanne Chin, Jessica Nerio, and Eddie Meneses. Thanks so much!



IN MEMORY OF MY FRIEND GLENDA ROBINSON… In 2010, I, along with the rest of the world, lost a beautiful young friend, Glenda Robinson, to pancreatic cancer. The word “beautiful” doesn’t even capture her entire essence, as she truly was one of a kind. We instantly connected as colleagues when we worked at the USC Graduate School together. We shared so many stories and dreams, and I’ll never forget her smile, her mannerisms, her laugh, her style, and even the beautiful scent of her perfume anyone could immediately identify as Glenda’s. I remember when she was going through chemotherapy and the day her hair came out, she came into work, smiling, as she gloated about her new “hairdo”. This woman managed to pull a “Tony Braxton” short do as if she had cut it on purpose! You see, she is one of only a few that could pull cancer off with such beauty, pizazz and class! :-)

I’ll also never forget packing up fruit and books about to head to the hospital one evening to visit her. She called right before I stepped out the door. She said no need for me to come that night because they’d be releasing her from the hospital. She said I should just come by the house in 2 days and that she was feeling great.

But those two days never came. In fact, the very next day…


was gone.

Although she may be gone in physical form, she is never forgotten…never, ever…

and so long as I am here in physical form, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her memory alive, and the lives of so many I have lost from other forms of cancer, and those who are battling now. Because the truth of the matter is that although I post a lot of endurance events that I participate in, I don’t actually choose to do them and then haphazardly choose a cause. In fact, I do it for a cause always first and foremost, and just so happen to use physical activity as my small way to bring awareness and keep memories alive. Two different modes of intention to say the least that I try to inspire in others.

So needless to say, don’t just sit back folks…do…something…and as for this something, it’s for Glenda, hands down.





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