The phonetic pronunciation of my first name is actually quite simple. “Jung” like “jungle” | “mi” like “me” | “wha” like “wah” = Jungmiwha. The meaning and origin, you ask? CLICK HERE

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! Even if you may have accidentally stumbled upon my page, welcome.

This site contains some of my current academic, professional, and personal projects, including my company, publications, and works-in-progress. I have finally updated the site so that you can now comment on and share posts. Be forewarned, however, I am still behind on using my Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, but please do add me… I need the nudge!

In the meantime, you can simply click on the photos on my homepage, as each one will take you to current and past news and updates occurring in my neck of the woods–or water, concrete, snow-capped mountain, ha–there’s no telling where I am.

To access my full bio and curriculum vitae, click here.

At some point, I will create a shared page for interesting websites and projects that exist among my friends, family, and colleagues. Please email or comment below if you would like me to consider this as an option for yourself or others. Meanwhile, feel free to look around, however, I ask that should you wish to copy and repost something elsewhere, please do so with the utmost professional integrity.

Thanks again and hope wherever you may be, that you are making every moment and all of your dreams count!


~Jungmiwha “Jummy” Bullock, PhD
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