43rd Annual Marian McFadden Lecture in Indianapolis

Kadir Nelson and Jungmiwha Bullock N. visit the Center for Black Literature & Culture at the Indianapolis Public Library on our visit for the McFadden Lecture.

September 29, 2022 | Indianapolis, IN – Alas, after two and a half years postponing this business trip throughout the pandemic, we were finally able to travel to Indianapolis for the 43rd Annual Marian McFadden Lecture, sponsored by the Indianapolis Public Library. The visit (and weather) was absolutely wonderful. The lecture was held at the newly remodeled Madam Walker Legacy Center in downtown Indianapolis. We are grateful for the hospitality and were humbled to learn that tickets sold out within 24 hours.

We were able to squeeze in a beautiful school visit to a local Montessori school servicing primarily BIPOC students in the community. We were serenaded with a school song from the elementary school students and were entertained by the invaluable (and hilarious) questions they asked.

Overall, it was worth the wait and we thank everyone who played a part in hosting us during our stay. It was wonderful to also have time to catch up with old friends who now live locally. More recap from the trip to come.

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