Check Out PBS Interview with Geoff Bennett, Kadir Nelson and My BTS Footage

November 20, 2022 | Washington, DC (PBS) – Click on the following link to access the interview on PBS NewsHour/NewsWeekend:

“Award-winning artist Kadir Nelson is known for his oil paintings that evoke both modern urban realism and the masterly works of turn-of-the century American painters. For our Weekend Spotlight, Geoff Bennett spoke to Nelson while he was in Washington, D.C., for the unveiling of his portrait of humanitarian chef José Andrés at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.”

Ⓒ2022. Artwork by Kadir Nelson. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (@kadirnelson)
Ⓒ2022. BTS Photos, Videos and Sound by Dr. Jungmiwha Bullock Nelson. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (@jungmiwha)

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