Birthday Blessings 2016 From Maui to New York City

New York Theme Birthday Card from KadirSeptember 17, 2016 | Maui to New York – This year I was grateful to celebrate another wonderful birthday with loved ones near and far. To bring in my late twenties :-), I decided I would go somewhere I had never traveled and I chose Hawaii. I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world over, but surprisingly have never taken the trip over the waters to simply go up to this point. I jokingly thought that perhaps I should go to the place where everyone accuses me from being from my entire life!

In fact, whenever I am giving a talk, I start out asking the audience if anyone is from Hawaii (with the intonation and emphasis on the “ii” like a local and all!), and automatically people don’t question that this is not where I am from. So this year, I put a stop to that once and for all and it has certainly created a new travel bug in me to return as soon as I can. My hope is that I can bring some of my existing programs and workshops to the universities there, where sadly I learned through casual conversations with several locals during my trip, that many hardly ever leave their islands to visit the states, let alone visit neighboring islands.

A special thank you to Kadir in particular for making this birthday a very special one. It would not have been the same without you!

Photos forthcoming!!!

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