4th Consecutive California Coast Classic Bike Tour for Charity Successfully Completed!

September 16, 2017 | San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA – My fourth consecutive, and perhaps last for some time, California Coast Classic annual bike tour for charity was successfully completed this Saturday. Unlike other years where we were able to cycle through the mountains and forests of Big Sur, this year we were diverted inland for 2 days, adding an additional 65+ miles to the tour. Nonetheless, everyone took the added mileage in stride, as this was undoubtedly yet another epic ride of a lifetime!

Together over 160+ riders and 40+ volunteers from across the U.S. and globe, gathered in San Francisco last weekend after raising nearly a million dollars for charity. The range of honored teammates, the majority children battling debilitating forms of juvenile arthritis, were abound this year supporting us along the way at rest stops, daily dinners, and finish line festivities. Each smile they graced us with let us know our efforts were well worth every grueling mile, for they are the true champions who endure unimaginable pain day in and day out.

As always, words can never do justice of the epic journey we experienced, so hopefully the photos I will post shortly will give you a better glimpse of why we call this the ride of a lifetime. Until next time, thank you for supporting my efforts for the year around work the Arthritis Foundation provides through funding research, programs, and much more. If you are ever interested in participating, please do not hesitate to let me know!

More photos will be posted momentarily…

p.s. The photo in the featured image above was taken serendipitously on a train track a day before we crossed the finishline as a new bride and groom were taking photos. The newly minted couple was overjoyed to see us approaching and were eager to have their photographer capture this once in a lifetime moment. Needless to say, another reason it’s the ride of a lifetime! #justsaying :)

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