Uthando Foundation Township Tour in Cape Town, South Africa

July 20, 2017 | Cape Town, South Africa – The biggest, heartfelt THANK YOU to the Uthando Foundation and the many organizations and families for hosting my friends and I on a remarkable journey throughout several townships in Cape Town this week. We visited community centers focusing on sustainable development and urban farming; participated in a book reading with children and families; visited a school and witnessed international and intercultural dialogue and sports camaraderie; learned how to drum on special custom pottery; and much, much more! It was an eye-opening, invaluable experience to say the least.

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town, please, please take the added time to not spend all of your visit in the touristy areas. Instead, educate and immerse yourself in the burgeoning communities that historically have been relegated to the outskirts, aka, townships. To not do so would be an injustice to your stay, and to helping demystify the reality of post-apartheid South Africa. That is, a lot of fear is still abound regarding the beautifully strong peoples who live in townships because of the gross stereotypes held by the privileged minority (and hence, passed on to unknowing tourists). It is only through cross-cultural dialogue and genuine immersion do we break down the barriers that continue to divide the most remarkable parts of ourselves and our humanity that connect us.

Here are a few photos during our township tours.


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